PhD Candidate

Gehrmann Building, Level 8

School of the Environment – UQ

St Lucia QLD 4072, Australia

T: +61 412 593 954



Sharad joined the lab in July 2023 as a PhD candidate under the supervision of Dr John Pandolfi and Dr Sun W. Kim. He comes from India, where he was engaged in several marine and wildlife research projects since completing his master’s in marine biology in 2017. He also holds a post-graduate diploma in Remote Sensing and GIS from Indian Institute of Remote Sensing.

Back in India, his work at the Wildlife Institute of India involved studying the spatial ecology of Dugongs, mangroves succession in the Nicobar group of islands after the tsunami of 2004, and coral reef biodiversity assessment of Malvan Marine Sanctuary, along the west coast of India. He, also, was part of two research expeditions with Centre for Marine Living Resources and Ecology (CMLRE) for developing genetic database of deep-sea fauna from Indian EEZ.

He has previously interned at the Horniman Museum, London as a visiting researcher, to conduct research on coral reproductive biology and restoration practices. Lately, at Wildlife Conservation Society-India, he was involved in developing data-driven strategies for management practices of Marine Protected Areas along the west coast of India, before moving to Brisbane for his PhD.

Research Interests

He is broadly interested in Seascape Ecology, climate change impacts on marine ecosystems and developing strategies for protected area management.

Current PhD project

“Portfolio projection of biodiversity responses under climate change”

For his PhD, he will pursue the implications of climate-driven risks on the biodiversity dynamics under future emission projections. The project aims to quantifying adaptive and migration responses as vulnerability metrics, that will provide resource managers with novel tools to formulate flexible management strategies.


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