Current contact information:

Robert Day Postdoctoral Fellow

School of Earth Sciences – UQ

St Lucia QLD 4072


T: +61 7 336 52176





Research interests

  • Evolutionary diversity patterns of marine invertebrates
  • Taxonomy and phylogeny of marine invertebrates
  • Biogeographical patterns in a macroevolutionary context

Current project

  • Eocene-Pliocene evolution of coral reefs in the Central Indo-Pacific: study of taxonomic and functional diversities
  • Latitudinal discontinuity in coral symbioses and its potential to limit species movements under climate change
  • Echinoids in archeological record: case study from Molokai, Hawaii


  • Madden, R. H. C., Wilson, M. E. J., Mihaljević, M., Pandol , J. M. & Welsh, K. J. Unravelling the depositional origins and diagenetic alterations of carbonate breccias: the Batu Gading Limestone of Borneo. Accepted in Sedimentary Geology.
  • Mihaljević, M., Renema, W., Welsh, K. J. & Pandolfi, J. M. 2014 Eocene-Miocene shallow-water carbonate platforms and increased habitat diversity in Sarawak, Malaysia. PALAIOS, 27(3): 378-391.
  • Mihaljević, M., Jerjen, I. &  Smith, A. 2011. The test architecture of Clypeaster (Echinoidea, Clypeasteroida) and its phylogenetic significance. ZooTaxa, 2983: 21-38.
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