IMG_1281Current Fellow Scientist at The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

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Research Interests

I am interested in long-term ecosystem dynamics. Particularly, in disentangling natural from anthropogenic sources of variation in ecological and geomorphological attributes of coral reefs in the face of ongoing human-induced environmental change.



Current Fellowship (STRI, Panama)

Quantifying Ecological Changes in Reef-Building Corals over Historical Timescales


(a) To quantify the differences in the ecological structure of modern reef-building coral communities from Bocas del Toro versus those from approximately 7000 ago.

(b) to examine the differences, from a functional viewpoint, between the species that are most dominant in the modern reefs versus those in the mid-Holocene reefs.



PhD (UQ, Australia; completed in 2015)

Long term dynamics of coral reefs in the inshore southern Great Barrier Reef (Research proposal).


(a) To evaluate the suitability of a high latitude reef system to serve as a refugium for reef organisms escaping a warming ocean;

(b) to test for equal vertical accretion rates through space, across local reef habitats, and through time, over millennial time-scales spanning environmental conditions that encompass those projected for the upcoming decades;

(c) to test for persistent reef-building coral community composition across the mid-Holocene (8–4 ka), the late-Holocene (4–0 ka) and the modern (live coral), and to evaluate the relative importance of stochastic versus deterministic processes of community assembly.




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