PhD Candidate

Gehrmann Building, Level 8

School of Biological Sciences – UQ

St Lucia QLD 4072


T: +61 0474 343 216


Carolina is a marine fisheries ecologist focusing on historical fisheries of rare and threatened fish species. She received her bachelor’s degree in marine biology from ESPOL in Ecuador, where she studied the ecology and biology of endemic grouper from the Galápagos Islands. She then received her master’s degree at the University of Bremen, Germany where she studied the biology and fisheries of the Pacific goliath grouper in Colombia. Overall her work focuses on documenting the impact of fishing on vulnerable fish populations and aims to actively integrate local communities into the research process by applying interdisciplinary approaches for developing sustainable fisheries.

Research Interests

Historical fisheries ecology, fisheries, stock assessment, marine conservation.

Current PhD Project

Palaeobiological approaches to fisheries ecology.


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Castellanos‐Galindo, G. A., Chong‐Montenegro, C., Baos E, R. A., Zapata, L. A., Tompkins, P., Graham, R. T., & Craig, M. (2018). Using landing statistics and fishers’ traditional ecological knowledge to assess conservation threats to Pacific goliath grouper in Colombia. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems28(2), 305-314.

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Baos, R., Castellanos‐Galindo, G. A., Chong‐Montenegro, C., Tompkins, P., & Zapata, L. A. (2016). Length–weight relationship of the Pacific goliath grouper, Epinephelus quinquefasciatus (Bocourt, 1868). Journal of Applied Ichthyology32(4), 727-728.